About Michelle Marie’s Patisserie

Mission Statement

Michelle Marie’s Patisserie is dedicated to providing its customers with exceptional food, pastry and beverage products, representing the best of both American and European traditions. We specialize in desserts, cakes and cupcakes in addition to the brides’ wedding cake. We will maintain the highest professional standards of quality and service, always at fair price.


Michelle Marie’s Patisserie opened its doors in Santa Rosa California in the summer of 1989. Owner and Executive Chef Michelle Marie returned to her childhood home in Sonoma County after graduating from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, and many years spent training with some of the most accomplished food and pastry chefs in the country.

Sonoma County California represents the best of American agriculture, with long growing seasons and fertile microclimates resulting in a wonderful variety of healthy dairy products and fresh produce, in addition to our world famous wine grapes. The region also has a strong commitment to chemical and hormone free products, and Michelle Marie’s Patisserie uses California Organic ingredients whenever possible.

Wife and mother to two young daughters, Chef Michelle Marie is proud to be an active participant in many local charities, with a special emphasis on Breast Cancer and Children’s Education causes. She is also the founder of the Namibian Children’s Fund charity which helps support young victims of extraordinary poverty and disease in a soup kitchen and orphanage school outside the capital city of Windoek, Namibia.